Phone Sex: My First full time job!


I was 18 when I got my self a job working as a phone sex operator. I remember it as if it was yesterday even though it was a couple of years ago.

I had just finished high school and I didn't feel I had it in me to persue a college education. My highschool days had given me sufficient indication to know that I was not the kind of girl who would enjoy studying and conforming to a specific "higher" order of education at of which graduates are spat out of a conveyoy belt with a freshily printed diploma and nothing else.

In high school, I had the usual number of sexual encounters with boys my age, but nothing to "write home about" and I never thought sex would become a full time operation ever... Gosh.. how this must sound like..

And so I was as surprised as anyone when I found myself dialing a number in response to an ad for "entusiastic young voice with an erotic adventuruous mind needed".

But enough of what took place before my first call, here what happened during and after the first time the dipatch office rang me at home to ask if I would accept "Tom, a 40 year man who wants to have fun with a Daddys' girl". Some one reponded yes in a whisper and I realized it was me!

... Before I knew it, my pussy was already dripping!

The call had not started yet, and I hadn't even heard the man's voice and already I was wet! I couldn't believe how turned on I was and yet I could feel myself shaking all over. I was scared and incredilous.

"Hi baby: It's Daddy here.. Would you be a good llittle girl, open your tight little mouth around my cock and suck Daddy a little, just to get things going?"

... My first virtual blowjob!

I remember thinking at that time about a comment Chrissy had made with regards to one of the most common fantasies I would have to deal with and how odd it had appeared to me at that time that to describe a blowjob by phone could be nearly as sexy as the real thing. Little did I know that within 5 minutes, I would be the one to come, which is of course what happened.

The thouht of a man's cock, a Daddy's cock no less bobbing in and out of my mouth was enough to send me into an orgasm of such intensity that it even took the caller by surprise.

... Not faking it Daddy, I promise!

After what felt like ages, I actually recovered from that first orgasm feeling flushed and of course embarassed and I even asked the caller if he wanted to speak to someone else who wouldn't come as fast as I did.

Daddy laughed and said: "For a while there honey, I thought you were faking it".

I wasn't. And this was how my first job as a phone sex woman started!


Phone: 1-888-247-0224

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