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... Without a doubt, phone sex provides consenting adults with an ideal oportunity to explore their fantasies!

Hello and let me welcome you personally to my site. My name is Lisa and I am in my late twenties. I hold a degree in computer science and when I graduated from university a few years ago, I was set to follow the path of many young graduates filling the seats of America's corporate world .

... Corporate world? Give me a break! Give me sex anytime without any strings attached!

Having spent 3 years working for a large company, I experienced first hand what it means for many young women with looks and brains to try and make a life for themselves in the "traditional way" and it wasn't long before I realized that this world wasn't really for me!

And so I set out to work as a computer consultant, an occupation I did part time and lo and behold landed myself a contract for the development of a management software for a company who was setting up shop in my home town.

... Phone Sex Management Software

Little did I know that this first contract would change the course of my life for ever! When I met with the company directors, I was told that the company they were launching dealt with adult conversation (phone sex) and they needed me to write a management software to handle every aspect of their "phone" business.

... The beginning of a new career!

And thus I was introduced to the concept of phone sex, a passtime I had known about but never thought I would ever be involved with other than the odd flirting episodes I had had with various boyfriends at college.

I had always been a very sexual woman but little did I know how I would enjoy working on this project. From completing the actual software and implementing it over the course of 3 months, I was able todiscover first hand how great a business, this model was.

... My first call!

One day, as part of my maintenance contract I had with my customer, I had to make an onsite trip in order to deal with a technical problem. This was the first time I had been in that office during the night and as "luck" would have it, it took very little time for me to fix the problem. Whilst there, I could hear that the night manager was having problem with a particular phone sex operator to the point where she had to ask her to leave.

"You wouldn't want to take a couple of calls whilst I get a replacement" she jokingly asked me and before I could even think about it, my mouth had said yes!

... My first phone orgasm

And so I found myself sat in the departed operator's cubicle and had my first paid up phone sex call ever, with a man I had never seen or heard before! Towards the end of the call, my caller started to come and the sound of his orgasm was so exciting that it triggered an orgasm of my own, shattering, powerful and consuming.

... A new job

I took 4 calls that night, and must been so loud that by the end of the calls, the manager came towards me with my replacement and a smile on her lips. "Sounded like you enjoyed yourself there hun!"

I did. A couple of days later, the general manager of the business phone me and officially asked me to join her company as a phone sex operator. She would pay me a flat fee to maintain the computer and software network I had installed and written, and would pay me for each call I would take whilst there.

The numbers added up for me and I took the job!

... Opening up my own phone sex business

If you look around the net, you will see companies advertising phone sex for $3.99 per minute as well as a connection fee. This was the case with the company I was contracted with! Because we were working on a per minute basis, it made sense for them to instruct us to prolong conversations as much as possible and by the time they were done, most callers had spent an average of $59.85.

As much as I enjoyed my new job as a phone sex operator, I always felt unfortable with the amount of money my customers had to pay. After a year or so, I decided to leave that particular job and open up a phone sex company of my own.

... Phone sex with a difference

Of course, I didn't want to open up just another iteration of the phonesex company I had just left and so I developped the first 15 minute phone sex concept, a package that has proven so succesful the company I had worked for tried to buy it off me.

Tempting as their offer was, I realized that even though the money was good, I was actually enjoying being the boss of this particular business and so I turned them down.

The rest as they say is history...

... $19.95 for 15 minutes of Phone sex

From a one woman show, I have turned my company into a nice little business employing more than 20 operators at any one time.

... Now is your time to experience Phone sex

The meeting place for hardcore chats, Inc Domination, S&M , GangBang, Taboo, Fetish Age Play, Foot Worship, Spanking we are so good that some of our customers date back to 2001!

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