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No matter what your sexual orientation, shemale sex is an experience most men wish they could explore. Now it is your turn to find out what you have been missing. Let's clarify something first. Whilst straight men enjoy a phone chat with a shemale as much as the next guy, it is not your regular cross dressing that turns them on although I understand the attraction. If a man decides to cross dress into female clothing, he becomes a she for the period of time that the clothes are on. Take away the clothes and you have a man.

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Our she-male phone sex callers have a fantasy that is common amongst many of our callers. They dream of sex with a hot and horny tranny and wish they could stroke and suck the cock of those delicious ladies to fulfill one of their cock curious fantasies, with a twist. It’s not any hard cock they dream about although those are also very much in demand, but in the case of a shemale fantasy, the cock has to belong to a sexy looking woman with all the female attributes that we all love plus one: a large and hard cock!

Such a woman makes for a powerful lover as not only does she have all that men love about women, gorgeous body, round boobs and ass and boundless amount of femininity, but in addition to all of these female goodies she has that one attribute that many healthy and horny men crave: a cock that is not only bigger and harder than their own, but one they can suck or even be fucked by.

So what's a shemale? Some call them chick with dicks, other lady boys, trannies, tranny, transexual or even transsexual, but for most of our callers, they are simply heaven.

As a woman involved in the pleasures of sex, I admit that the thought of a chick with a dick is always very much a turn on for me. A lot of my heterosexual friends, male and females tell me that I am attracted to shemales because I am a true bi sexual woman by nature and I get excited by both men and women. Whilst this is of course true, I remember the reaction of one of my self proclaimed hetero sexual male lovers when I showed him a porno movie of one incredibly sexy lady boy who’s equally incredible cock was being sucked with abandon by a male lover. In spite of all his protestations, I knew what the bulge inside his pants was all about and even though he has never admitted, as I went down on his own hard dick for a much needed blowjob, he directed my oral sex so that his orgasm coincided with the shemale own orgasm. Tranny or shemale sex, once you have tasted the forbidden fruit, it's like going to your favorite Sunday brunch restaurant where your usual tasty and favorite dishes are displayed next to the new recipe in town that has your mouth watering.

As sexual fantasies go, phone sex is probably the one media that allows just about anything to be talked about and this is one reason why it is so popular. Not only does it provide an avenue for most to express and release pent up desires not commonly satisfied at home, but it also permits callers to talk safely and discreetly about their most secret fantasies. Of course there is nothing more exciting than sex with a shemale and with phone sex, you can now explore this fantasy in ways you had never hoped possible.

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But there is another aspect of shemale phone sex that is even more important for the “casual” bi curious caller, and that is whilst this fantasy is extremely and uniquely erotic in the realm of the … fantasy world, most men I know and talk would walk the opposite way if ever they were confronted with a real shemale in real life. If you are turned on by Shemales, does this make you gay?.

In my opinion, few men have actually seen a shemale in real life and if they had, I would venture to add that they would less eager to spend any "quality" time with them but again that is only my opinion.

There are so many fantasies that most of us enjoy and with phone sex can safely explore. In many cases, and for many callers, it is often time the forbidden nature of the fantasy that turns us on, rather than the actual act itself. A woman may fantasize about being raped but would find this act repulsive in real life.

Shemale phone sex is not only on e of our callers preferred fantasies, but it is also one that most of the women I work with find extremely attractive and seductive. It works hand and hand with other domination related fantasies where a dominatrix or Mistress uses a submissive male for various sexual acts. Strapon phone sex for example is the ideal companion to shemale phone sex and we often use strapon as a platform to test our callers reception to bi sexual sex.

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